Pongo® 3D Printing supplies

Pongo has created a unique range of vibrant 3D printing filaments in colours and properties that are perfect for any project. They specialise in PLA filaments that are much better suited for use within the classroom. They sell both by the metre and by the reel. Allowing you to buy what you need when you need it, and with their standard delivery you can order as late as lunch time the day before and still be guaranteed next day delivery.

Their website has an inbuilt calculator that allows to upload your 3D.STL file to pre calculate how much filament you need allowing you or your students to purchase just the right amount, this is perfect for when many colours are required or when specialist materials are being used.

Pongo has also just launched the industry’s first specially designed PLA adhesive kits, and they are made right here in the UK. With a bonding time as short as only 10 seconds, Pongo PLA adhesives are perfect for quick assembly of your printed parts.

We offer very good discount rates for schools and can provide free samples of any of our filaments upon request.

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