PolyMath Limited

The ingenious one-instrument geometry set.

As teachers of Mathematics well know, there are always difficulties with the traditional geometry set in its tin box.

Boxes remain at home until needed and then, despite reminders, are forgotten by some students. When the boxes are opened, inevitably some instrument is missing. Then someone’s compass has a loose screw. And it is not unknown for the sharp compass point to be used to damage property or injure people, creating Health and Safety issues. It’s probably the same the world over.
Some schools have class sets, either in the tin boxes or loose in trays. Distributing and collecting these and checking back the instruments is an exercise in logistics. But the compass still has a sharp point and class sets are heavy and also take up a lot of space.

The polyMath solves all these problems…….and…… students say it’s ‘cool’!

This innovative instrument is a small plastic rectangle which serves as a 10 cm ruler, 180° protractor , compass (radius 10 mm to 80 mm), and, with another straight edge, as setsquares.

Visit POLYMATH LIMITED, Stand N22, Hall 7-8 at Education Show 2017, NEC Birmingham in March.