Come on a journey over 2million years. Hold the tools our ancestors used to carve their future and write our pasts.  

Outback2Basics will bring the Stone Age alive with their interactive timeline. Showing and sharing their experiences of living wild. Handle clothing, baskets, furs and primitive tools.

Outback2Basics workshops include making slate arrow points, create a primitive fire, build a Neolithic shelter, create cave art, illuminate your way by making a fat lamp, weaving grass mats, making ropes out of natural materials and bare hands cooking.

Leave the classroom and enter the woods for a Bushcraft experience.

In nature, life seems to explode at the edge of a woodland, meadow, or ocean and beach. Come and explore nature and capture the imagination of the children, leading them on an exciting journey of self awareness. Outback2Basics residential camps inspire learning, teambuilding and enrich social development.

Build a wild camp shelter, cook on an open fire and have a go at creating fire. These are just some of the exciting activities you can take part in.

Website: www.outback2basics.co.uk
Email: info@Outback2Basics.co.uk