National Space Academy

The National Space Academy is the UK’s leading national education programme based on space science and engineering.

The Academy’s methodology encourages teachers to use cutting edge STEM contexts to bring curriculum topics to life, exploring the relevance of space technology and research in our daily lives to further student engagement.

Currently the UK space sector employs 35,000 people, generating an annual turnover of £11billion. A further 100,000 jobs will be created in the sector by 2030 according to the UK Space Agency. The Academy works with the Agency and companies in the sector to keep teachers up to date on new developments, particularly in satellite design, satellite manufacture, and satellite data applications, in which the UK is a world-leader.

All Academy courses are taught by Lead Educators: full-time secondary science teachers seconded to the Academy project from their school, so that courses remain curriculum-led, and the activities classroom-proven. All Academy Lead Educators are outstanding teachers with a record of excellent exam results for their own students. Lead Educators are passionate and knowledgeable about space; delivering student masterclasses or teacher CPD with high impact, classroom-ready, hands-on activities.

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