Wireless data collection for experimental sciences.

Do you have expensive datalogging equipment lying unused in a cupboard at the back of your classroom? Is it too complicated and unreliable for routine use?

A simple, inexpensive and elegant way to use tablets, ‘phones and PCs to collect, display and analyse the results of students’ practical activities the Mystrica colorimeter has been developed by practicing teachers for use mainly in Chemistry and Biology.

The low cost and ease of use make it ideal for small group work and individual projects. It can be used stand-alone or with the Windows software or iOS and Android apps to collect high quality data as tables and graphs suitable for sophisticated analysis. The website has suggestions for applications across the secondary curriculum and links to relevant parts of exam syllabuses.

Observation, measurement and analysis are the fundamentals of the scientific method and should be emphasised and practiced at all levels. The colorimeter allows readily observed phenomena to be accurately measured and expressed in tabular and graphic form for analysis at whatever level is appropriate.

Information about the colorimeter, its applications and contact details are available on our website, by email or by phoning.

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