Established in 1986, Mindsets has a long history of creating innovative resources, many of which are manufactured at our premises in the U.K.

Mindsets’ products and ideas help both adults and children of all age groups and abilities explore concepts like smart materials, electricity, rockets and robotics.

The Crumble controller is an example of one of our most successful products. It is an easy-to-use programmable controller that is perfect for getting started in robotics. It can drive 2 motors forwards and backwards at variable speeds. It has 4 IO (Input/Output) pads which allow connections to switches, servos, LDRs, LEDs and so on.

The free Crumble software runs on PC, Mac and Linux (including the Raspberry Pi). Inspired by MIT Scratch, programs are simply built by snapping blocks together on screen. Sending a program to the Crumble is almost instant, allowing rapid experimentation. The Crumble can also digitally control full-colour LEDs, called Sparkles.

The Crumble controller has been successfully used from KS2 to KS4 and has powered robots made from plastic tubs as well as some intricate laser-cut designs.

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