Medical Models Online

Biology Made Simple with the use of Anatomy Models

When it comes to learning about biology and our bodies nothing can replicate the understanding learnt from seeing a life size replica of our skeleton, bones and joints, seeing the internal organs of the body and how they fit within our own torso and getting a close up view of the human heart or eye.

Anatomy models are now very affordable and yet can be a major teaching aid for many years. Pictures and diagrams don’t do justice to the human form and the young enquiring mind will begin to understand more by being able to touch, feel and move anatomy models and skeletons, see the size of bones and how the internal organs fit within the body and interact.

Medical Models Online offer the best possible selection of skeletons and anatomy models, from the medical model to a more basic but functional model more suited to the classroom, and at a price which means every school can afford this useful addition to their teaching aids. Medical Models Online also supply posters, charts, and health education models covering sexual health, pregnancy, smoking, obesity and alcohol awareness, ideal for PSHE lessons.

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