The MAD Museum

The MAD Museum does what it says on the tin. The quirky attraction, located in the centre of Stratford upon Avon, houses around 60 interactive pieces of kinetic art and automata. ‘MAD’ stands for Mechanical Art and Design and as the UK’s only museum of its kind; it’s one to be seen to be believed.

The hands-on hideaway combines inspirational creativity, witty design and engineering ingenuity. The pieces on display have all been sourced from creators around the world, and nearly everything is interactive, meaning kids (and big kids) can get stuck in. Visitors to the museum are encouraged to press buttons and release their inner inventor.

Come rain or shine this summer, The MAD Museum has something to entertain the whole family. For the very young visitor, there are plenty of lights, colours and sounds to watch (plus under five year olds are completely free).

The kids will no doubt enjoy interacting with the different machines and making marble runs. Visitors are encouraged to press buttons and figure machines out, so for those a bit older, The MAD Museum demonstrates art in action (and some engineering and physics principals along the way).

And for the big kids out there, this eccentric little museum is a bizarre treasure-trove of hands-on contraptions.