Learning Outside Ltd

The system developed for: Early Years & Reception classes, SEN and KS1/KS2 is designed for outside use, is easily moved and fully weather proof. It can also be used within the classroom.

The Learning Outside System encourages learning at the same time as being great fun... Extend your classroom to the world outside.

  • Designed by Local Education Advisors & practicing Teachers.
  • Referenced to current DFE National Curriculum and Early Years Outcome Documents.
  • Enables teachers to organise and structure learning outside the classroom.
  • Enables children to work individually and collaboratively with minimum adult supervision.
  • Supports a ‘learning how to become good learners’ approach to the curriculum and teaching.
  • Versatile and flexible magnetic panels, quickly and easily interchanged in position and content.
  • ‘Learning trails’ can be simply and quickly designed, planned and implemented.
  • Recommended for Special Educational Needs and for any age group with learning difficulties.
  • Design your own panels... Send us your file - we return a magnetic panel.

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