Learning Cultures

The company is a leading provider of coaching training for the education profession in the UK.
Learning Cultures believes that CPD has to make a difference to learning, individual performance and contribute to a school’s vision.
It designs its events to ensure that those who attend take back a suite of skills and resources to cascade their learning to others. In this way the recipient of the training is able to contribute to creating a measurable impact on building a sustainable whole school strategy for continuous improvement.
The training and consultancy programmes written by Learning Cultures expert team are designed to support schools manage the current and ever changing education policy landscape and curriculum re-design. It also fulfills the need for all staff and managers in school to have the expertise and the evidence that OFSTED, ISI or ESTYN is looking for.
The Learning Cultures philosophy aligns closely with the recent legislation that enshrines performance management systems into law. This requires all schools to link appraisal to the school development or improvement plan and to the ongoing need for all staff to have the relevant CPD that allows them to achieve their objectives.

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