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As well as designing educational building to be fire safe another dimension of fires in schools is arson, often from those ‘known’ to the school. That adds another aspect to the fire safety strategies and design of the buildings, whether existing, refurbished, change of use or new build.
IFC have been involved for over 30 years in the educational sector.  This has ranged from fire safety strategies to reports on the compartmentation and safety systems, through to undertaking Fire Risk Assessments.
BB100, “Fire Safety Design Guide for Educational Establishments”
IFC have unique education experience having worked with the DFES and advised them in conjunction with DCLG, on the development and revision of BB100, formerly DES 7.
As the lead author of the fire safety design guide for schools for the Department for Education and Skills, IFC have worked closely with the Building Regulations Division of the DCLG (formerly Office of the Deputy Prime Minister) and the Fire Service.  IFC are therefore in a very good position to advise you on current fire safety thinking for all educational establishments. Give us a call…
If it involves Fire Safety in your buildings then involve International Fire Consultants (IFC Group)

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Flagship event at THORPE PARK ideal for STEM school trips

This event is designed to introduce students to the exciting world of STEM as well as showcase career paths to those that have a passion for these subjects. The event will deliver a mass variety of STEM related activities that will be delivered by Middlesex University including EEG workstations, Loco machines, robot selfie’s, Kinetic Mario, AR Sandbox, Physiology tests, Mind control and much much more.