The HUE HD Pro document camera helps teachers to engage students in STEAM topics and MAKER SPACE activities, vlogging and video chats, collaboration, sharing and interactive work. At £44.95 + VAT schools can afford to have a HUE HD Pro in every classroom.

Designed specifically for teachers, this flexible, versatile plug and play camera weighs less than 570g making it light and portable. Including a manual focusing ring, lights, an integrated microphone and an innovative gooseneck which you can disconnect from the base and plug directly into your computer.

Specially designed software called HUE Intuition comes with the camera, which allows you to easily get to grips with the full functionality of the camera. It’s intuitive and teachers can use it without any extra cost of training. Compatible with Windows and Mac OS X.

You can record video and sound and save movies locally, email or upload to YouTube. Annotate images you take and save them as JPG/BMP/PNG/GIF, take individual snapshots or multiple images over time.

A HUE HD Pro camera is ideal for getting together, getting focused and getting down to the business of learning.

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