Hemispheres Movement for Learning Ltd

At Hemispheres, an innovative, entrepreneurial occupational therapy practice, we have packaged our clinical expertise into easy to deliver programmes providing resources for schools to address two key educational areas:

  • Cursive Handwriting
  • Movement programmes for individual/group intervention

Hemispheres Think Write Cursive Handwriting Programme (HTW) is a structured, modular-based teaching approach for Early Years. HTW empowers children with five, loveable animal characters teaching children to categorise the letters according to formation, size and spatial placement. Children then build the motor control for writing from a basis of cognitive understanding.

Studies have shown the HTW is an effective curricular programme for teaching of cursive writing with:

  • 94% of children, achieving fully cursive writing by the end of Year 2.
  • 65% of children at the end of Year 1
  • 32% of children at the end of Reception.

(n=216 children [144 boys/72 girls])

Hemispheres Movement, Balance and Learning Screening Tool and Movement Programme (MBL)
Building motor programmes for individual children or small groups has never been easier. The MBL screening tool is available for children aged 4- 6 and 7+ years. A simple to use screening tool identifies children’s needs whilst the prescribed 6-week movement programme offers a schools the opportunity to help children build necessary sensory motor skills, whilst helping to improve literacy, attention, co-ordination and handwriting difficulties.