This country has a well-deserved cherished tradition of trust between staff and students.

So, providing a safe learning environment is of paramount importance to all education providers. Therefore, deploying adequate and proven solutions to ensure the safety of students and staff must be a key considerations for any member of staff involved in security planning.

For more than 20 years Guardian have been leading manufacturers of staff attack systems. Our systems not only surpass all relevant standards, but are very user friendly, economic and discrete.

How has this been achieved?

The answer is simple – we listen to our customers.

Our development program is driven by a combination of continuing advances in technology and our customer’s needs. Many of the features which a Guardian system provides were incorporated in response to comments and requests from clients who were looking for solutions to combat particular issues.

Why are our products ideal for your environment?

  • All our products are competitively priced.
  • Very user friendly for staff to use.
  • Comply with all relevant standards.
  • Designed for easy installation & simple configuration.
  • Excellent testing facilities.
  • Low maintenance, and high reliability.
  • Product longevity.

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