Fresh Air Fitness

Fresh Air Fitness introduced the UK to the sensational concept of outdoor gyms in 2007. Over 1500 successful installations later, our passionate belief in the benefits of this approach to health and fitness remain as strong as ever.

Our equipment is expertly designed, built to last and closely monitored for quality & safety. We cater for all stages of education, Primary, Secondary, SEN and Higher education. Our gyms are safe, easy-to-use and great fun!

  • Create a dedicated outdoor gym ‘classroom’.
  • Create a trim trail for students to explore throughout the grounds.
  • Work the gym into structured PE classes – we have curriculum-friendly lesson plans available.
  • Create an exciting new after-school fitness club.
  • Enable pupils to use their gym in breaks to ensure maximum use and benefit.

We have installed outdoor gyms into hundreds of schools across the UK, we pride ourselves on the good advice and the right solutions we provide. Need funding? We can help you with that too.

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