Fleet Line Markers Ltd

Over the past 63 years, Fleet Line Markers Ltd. has provided line marking expertise around the World boasting factories in 6 countries including New Zealand and the USA.

As manufacturers of The BeamRider laser guided line marking machine, it was only a matter of time before the flagship Kombi MK2 was updated to the Kombi 3.
The Kombi has been the most popular seller across the world since it’s launch over 19 years ago, now sporting many unique features; it creates the most advanced pedestrian marker without a laser.
The introduction of the wheeled knib as standard means the Kombi 3 can mark on all sports surfaces straight out of the box. Independent stainless steel arms track ground contours giving sharp, crisp line definition whether it’s on grass, tarmac or synthetic turf.
Fleet’s constant efforts to maintain quality and innovative products, Fleet offer FREE upgrades to all machinery.
How does it work? For the life of the machine, any upgrades or modifications made by Fleet HQ to that current model will be offered free of charge (T & C’s apply)
Feel confident that every new Fleet machine you purchase is future proof!
Fleet - Investing in the future of line marking.