With ICT playing an ever greater role in today’s Education and user expectation growing, technical support departments are now expected to oversee facilities like commercial businesses.

FITS is a management tool specially designed for schools, it can help you manage ICT implementation, its day-to-day performance, and technical support. It allows you to take as much or as little from its broad range of ICT management solutions tailoring to your specific requirements no matter what size your school or needs FITS has the solution.

FITS encourages long-term structuring of your ICT systems big or small so you can make the most of this vital resource.

FITS helps you, your teachers and your students concentrate on what’s important – teaching and learning. Making FITS part of everyday education could be one of the best ICT decisions you ever make.

FITS gives schools the confidence to engage ICT in meeting objectives and realising even the most challenging aspirations.

The FITS Framework helps you save money, improve reliability and teacher confidence, reduce disruption caused by technical breakdowns, focus on teaching and learning and improve inspection outcomes.

“... If you want a consistent approach to your ICT technical support, then FITS is the way to go. It’s protected our investment, it’s ensuring that teachers know exactly where to go for their technical support”.

Head Teacher