Escape Mobility

Is your School prepared for that emergency? Do you have a new pupil that's started in the new term, who has problems negotiating the stairs?

It is an important factor to consider different types of scenarios when you have no control over who comes into your school.

This could be an open-house day, a performance where grandparents come to see their grandkids act in a play.

What if they have a problem with the stairs too?

If so, how would they get out if you had to evacuate the building?

We at Escape Mobility can help you by taking away that extra responsibility.

Just call us and we can provide you with a free building assessment, supply you with the right type of evacuation equipment to cater for your special needs.

Not only this, we also provide training for those who are responsible for their students or staff.

Plus, don't forget that all important annual safety check of your evacuation chairs too!

Because of our experience in this business, we have so much knowledge that we can also provide annual maintenance inspections on other manufactured evacuation chairs.

So you only need to have one contact, when it comes to your emergency.