The UK has been battling a Maths teacher shortage for five years. eMathsMaster is a complete online learning management system which quickly and effectively trains non-Maths teachers, following the Shanghai Mastery model. This ensures that teachers deliver high quality Maths lessons from Key Stage 2, all the way to the higher tier of GCSE. Also available by eMathsMaster are pupil and school editions for a complete Maths education software solution, accredited by The Dean Trust. 

Results have shown that eMathsMaster will create teaching capacity in schools, reduce teacher pressure, stress and burn out, better teacher retention, improve learning outcomes, increase pupil engagement, increase ROI for schools and make Maths fun and engaging for the entire classroom and more.

eMathsMaster keeps teachers teaching with an easy to use, accessible and convenient learning process, delivering the best outcomes for the school, teachers, pupils and parents. eMathsMaster is available on all devices and provides everything, for everyone, at every level.