Easton 3D

What about an easy to use 3D printer in your classroom?

Are you curious about 3D printing for educational purposes? You will be surprised about the endless possibilities! With a 3D printer your students can easily print their own digital designs. Easton 3D offers a full-service package: from installation of a FELIX 3D printer, a training on location and maintenance when required. A full package making sure you can get the most out of your 3D printer!

Having a 3D printer within your classroom gives your student the opportunity to learn how to work with new technologies. Besides the fun aspect of creating a 3D drawing and realize it on a 3D printer, it also is informative. At Easton 3D we only work with the best 3D printers and software packages, creating an educational program which is carefree.

Our training program contains instructions how to operate the 3D printer, how to use drawing and 3D printing software and possible projects you and your students could work on.

Curious about the possibilities of having a 3D printer within your classroom? We are able to give you a demonstration on location (London area).

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