Child Safe Limited

Child Safe Limited introduces ‘Help Me’ Aids in support of Parents and Carers.

Child Safety is paramount for parents, be that for children in their care or those given to another carer such as a nursery or school. However, suggestions such as writing numbers on body parts invite complications; bands with barcodes rely on finders understanding and having Smartphones with scanner apps whilst other suggestions are for complex online registration schemes.

Our lo-tec, hi-spec CS ‘Help Me’ Aids are designed to allow you to quickly and simply enter YOUR immediate contact details or those of the carer for the day on our Highly Visible wristbands, keyrings or tags. No need for any personal information; No undressing a child to find a number; No downloading scanning apps … just read the number, contact the carer and return the child.


And our aids aren’t just for little ones; we acknowledge the difficulties for older SEN children or seniors suffering dementia – they can all need help too. Consequently, Child Safe provide a range of options to suit your needs from single use plastic coated wristbands to tracker systems offering pinpoint location and zone infringement warnings.

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