Capital Power Clean

Capital Power Clean are proud to present the latest innovation in floor cleaning technology, maximising labour resources and presenting additional environmental and cost benefits.

Traditional scrubber dryer design restricts manoeuvrability in small spaces and can present difficulties in removing contamination from brush housings and recovery tanks - ideal breeding grounds for bacteria which could be transferred from one area to another.

i-mop’s fully-presented brush deck allows easy removal of brushes and fast, efficient cleaning of the underside, while tanks, hoses and squeegees can be fully removed for efficient cleaning and sanitising. 
Additional colour-coded tanks and brushes are also available to further minimise cross contamination risks.

Patented, multi award-winning design offers unsurpassed manoeuvrability for cleaning in toilets, changing rooms and below furniture, yet despite this, i-mop is ideal for cleaning larger spaces, achieving an incredible productivity of 1300m²/ hour.

Using just 0.08 litres/m² for floor cleaning, i-mop saves on both water and chemical usage, supporting Environmental Policies and reducing costs.

Lithium-Ion batteries offer a run time of one hour from just one hour’s charging – with a spare set of batteries, i-mop is available to clean floors around the clock!

Supplier Focus

Flagship event at THORPE PARK ideal for STEM school trips

This event is designed to introduce students to the exciting world of STEM as well as showcase career paths to those that have a passion for these subjects. The event will deliver a mass variety of STEM related activities that will be delivered by Middlesex University including EEG workstations, Loco machines, robot selfie’s, Kinetic Mario, AR Sandbox, Physiology tests, Mind control and much much more.