Boxercise - Encouraging kids to be more active

Boxercise has the perfect answer to providing fitness sessions that are great fun, easy to teach and suitable for all ages. Boxercise is already taught in hundreds of schools in the UK.

Boxercise is also great for those children not engaged with traditional sports as it is essentially a fitness class based on fun! Sessions can be run in a non-competitive format to appeal to this group and as classes can be found in over 8000 leisure centres and health clubs around the UK, is sustainable after leaving school. Boxercise offers high quality PE incorporating physical literacy through footwork drills whilst also incorporating a strong fitness element.

Course attendees are taught how to identify and coach to all learning styles, visual, auditory and kinaesthetic in the training course which can be conducted at your school or at one of ten UK venues.

Included in the course fee are extensive resources to assist teachers including course manual, videos and free refresher courses.

For more information on Boxercise for Schools and how we can help with your PE activities, please contact the Boxercise team.

Boxercise is a registered trademark.

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