Bounce Beyond

Academic based rebounding workshops

Bounce Beyond is the UK’s first and only education based, mini-rebounder workshop provider. The company’s workshops include elements of Literacy, Numeracy, Science alongside Physical Education.

Using high specification mini-rebounders, Bounce Beyond brings all the equipment to your school and delivers all day energetic, exciting, fun workshops to all of the children (even staff). Workshops are also fully inclusive and can be accessed by reception classes right through to secondary.

The Bounce Beyond ethos has always been about showing children that exercising can be fun! This has been proven, time and time again from the hundreds of schools the organisation have visited.

Rebounding is low impact on joints, improves co-ordination and balance and promotes self-esteem.

Bounce Beyond prides itself on being accessible to all pupils providing stability bars for those who may require that extra bit of support.

Currently doing the daily mile? Included in the company’s workshops is a ‘Bounce A Mile Challenge’.

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