Bluegreen energy

Bluegreen energy is a global energy retailer that focuses on supplying renewable electricity and natural gas to consumers.
Founded in 2011 in the United States of America, bluegreen energy established itself as a premier provider throughout North America. Since its existence the customer has always been at the heart with exceptional service, meaningful energy and a variety of service plans to meet the needs of varying consumers.

Expanding in 2016 towards Japan, bluegreen energy rapidly became a respected supplier for a large number of households and businesses across the country. Since establishing itself as a global challenger to existing large energy companies, The United Kingdom was the next logic step in 2019, with a further expansion throughout Europe.

 With offices globally, bluegreen energy offers the agility and scalability of a start-up with the security of an established supplier. Bluegreen energy manages this thanks to an experienced management team and its profound global energy market knowledge.
Our Concord (USA), Amsterdam (Europe) and Tokyo (Japan) offices are built with exceptional talent, knowledgeable management and state-of-art systems to make energy easy and accessible for everyone.

As a global challenger to existing incumbent companies, bluegreen energy offers an exceptional customer experience and smart-energy solutions from meaningful sources.