Fume Cupboards: Necessary Consideration for New School Build and Refit

Fume cupboards protect staff and students from harmful chemicals and dusts. Without it, the school can’t fully deliver the National Curricula and most exam specification for practical science, D&T and art.

When designing a new school building, it is therefore vital to consider the fume cupboard systems at the very start, as you may need provision for ductwork, including a stack. When deciding on a system, ducted fume cupboards are always the best choice. However, if it’s not a practical option, you can install a re-circulating fume cupboard.

For advice on fume cupboard units call BenchVent on 01423 790 039. Their technician can advise you regarding the appropriate unit to use.

BenchVent fume extraction cupboards are used worldwide within all types of educational establishments, particularly secondary schools, colleges and universities where they are used in science labs, D&T, and Arts departments.

BenchVent offers ready-made or bespoke units to meet your school requirements.