Approved Energy Services


Energy costs have increased by 158% over the last 15 years and projections show this trend is set to continue. Yet complicated tariffs and government imposed taxes have made negotiating a competitive Energy price a science in itself.

Approved Energy Services like to keep things simple and the simplest way to reduce your energy cost is to simply buy less of it.

Let us show you how

Following a comprehensive survey of your current lighting and heating systems, Approved Energy Services will propose a range of technical solutions which meet your exact requirements, improving your environment, whilst dramatically reducing energy consumption.


For example, on average in the UK, lighting accounts for 35% of an organisation’s electrical energy consumption. So reducing this cost by up to 90% will have a dramatic effect on your bill. Public Sector organisations can attract interest free finance to pay for such measures and even after repayments expect to see a net benefit on their bottom line. The medium-long term benefits can be staggering.

Our initial survey and consultation is free of charge and will give you all of the information to make an informed Decision.