AFS Biomass

The most cost effective form of heating

AFS Biomass are proud to be at the forefront of promoting, installing and maintaining biomass heating systems nationwide. The benefits from adopting biomass are compelling:

1). Replace expensive fossil fuel heating costs with cheaper fuel
2). Avoid potentially punitive carbon taxes
3). Promote eco-credentials from almost carbon neutral heating
4). Provide effective heating for public sector or business premises
5). Earn an index linked Government guaranteed income for 20 years!

Now is undoubtedly the time to invest in a biomass heating system for maximum rewards. As one of the leading, Carbon Trust Accredited, biomass installation companies in the UK, AFS Biomass offer bespoke biomass system design, installation and ongoing maintenance provision. From schools and care homes to hotels and leisure centres, biomass heating is fast becoming the preferred option.

Holbeach & East Elloe Hospital Trust, Bodawen Nursing Home and Old Hall Country Club & Spa are just a few of the many businesses and institutions which have benefitted from the unparalleled experience and attention to detail offered by AFS Biomass Ltd. References are available on request from these and many other highly satisfied clients.

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