5-a-day Fitness

5-a-day Fitness is an online fun fitness and MFL learning resource designed to help increase in-class pupil activity levels. 5-a-day Fitness is used around the world to help thousands of pupils exercise every day. Developed by PE teachers and exercise, dance and activity specialists, the easy-to-use teacher-friendly resources designed specifically for projection onto whiteboards and smart screens are perfect for getting pupils up and active first thing in the morning, during break time, after lunch, for mid-lesson brain breaks or as a refocusing tool. There is no teacher training or preparation required to use a 5-a-day subscription. Simply log in to the website, select a video and let your class join in, have fun, get fit, and learn a language.

“Children will love learning the routines and they will soon develop favourites. They are brilliant for encouraging creativity and healthy activity, so pupils will also be inspired to replicate them at playtimes and invent their own.” - John Dabell. Teach Primary Magazine, May 2019.

Physical and mental health are two of the biggest challenges facing young people today. You can help your students with both by getting them active with 5-a-day Fitness.

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