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Atomwide is now in its 30th year of supplying ICT solutions for schools and the wider education sector.

Office Outlet
School Supplies

Office Outlet is a major retailer of office supplies, business technology, and copy and print services to schools, businesses and homes.


BenQ are internationally renowned as a human technology provider and interactive flat panel expert in education.


Over the past 35 years Safety Technology International has built a reputation of being the ‘problem solvers’ when it comes to protecting essential fire and security products from vandalism or misuse.


Dataphone is a NASBM approved UK telecoms supplier. We understand the importance of providing schools with a reliable service that represents good value for money.

Facilities Management

With educational budgets constantly under pressure, schools and academies need an efficient and cost effective partner when it comes to managing their facilities.


With over 35 years’ experience as one of the country’s largest Public Sector Buying Organisations, ESPO services over 9000 education customers across the country.


Eteach is the UK-grown school resource run by teachers for teachers, trusted and used by more than 7,500 schools, colleges and academies nationally and internationally.

Educational Trips

Located in the heart of the West End, the Rainforest Cafe is your invitation to our exotic jungle recreating the sights and sounds of the Amazon Rainforest all in the city of London.

Educational Trips

THORPE PARK Resort provides an ideal destination for school and college trips as part of a learning experience or simply for fun!

Facilities Management

Founded in 2002, Strictly Education has grown to become the UK's leading education specific provider of professional support services and solutions to schools, academies and multi-academy trusts (MATs).

Mighty Writer

Mighty Writer was designed by a teacher for teachers. It is a brand new, innovative and multisensory resource that quickly transforms children’s literacy.

Design and Build

i2o Ltd – formerly known as inside2outside, has been at the forefront of school shelter solutions since 1991.


For 30 years Atomwide have been supplying managed ICT services to UK schools.

Cloud Computing

The potential benefits of moving to the Cloud, including large savings on IT investments, means it could be the best decision that your school makes around technology, writes Neil Watkins, managing director of education sector procurement framework, Think IT

Education Show

From the news app on your phone to your favourite Sunday papers - media platforms are an essential part of modern life. However, when it comes to explaining current affairs to children, teachers and parents can often struggle with finding the appropriate language and tone of voice to explain complex topics.


Teaching children about such places used to mean just books or watching documentaries but now you can do much more than that.

Conferences and Events

Data with destiny – how schools can tighten their IT security measures before it’s too late

The value of modern ICT applications and devices to pupils is being increasingly recognised by UK schools, evidenced by them investing over £1 billion in technology in the past five years. ‘Connected’ classrooms, which enable students and teachers to share information and collaborate using integrated systems on a school’s WiFi network, are helping to transform learning across all subjects to replace more traditional teaching methods.


As schools, colleges and universities attempt the tricky balancing act of cutting costs while improving service levels, more and more are discovering the benefits of deploying Fujitsu scanners in the learning environments and administrative offices.

Design and Build

Airedale Academy in Castleford recently underwent significant refurbishment to repair its failing flat roofs, which had surpassed their natural life expectancy and were experiencing water ingress.

School Business Management

School Business Services (SBS) is a leading global specialist in providing services and products to the education sector.


C-Tec Building Solutions are a company who design develop and distribute revolutionary problem preventing products for the construction and repair market.


With tight budgets, cuts and stretched resources the lighting within educational establishments may not appear to be a top priority.

Infection Control

Even if you follow the healthiest possible menu, cooking produces airborne fat, oil and grease which result in the formation of grease deposits on the inside of your school’s kitchen extract ductwork.