Win up to £10,000* in security products and services from STANLEY Security

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STANLEY Security part of the Stanley Black and Decker Group is an acknowledged leader in school security, from primary schools to multi-campus universities, providing a safe, secure learning environments within the constraints of today’s budgets and regulatory challenges. STANLEY Security offers integrated security solutions that help education facilities meet the challenges.

In its second year, the STANLEY Security TOGETHER FOR SAFER SCHOOLS PROGRAM provides the opportunity to enhance safety and security in your nursery, school or higher education facility. The program enables education facilities the opportunity to win up to £10,000* towards STANLEY Security goods and services.

Based on a voting system the school with the most votes within their tier group, will win the tiers grand prize in STANLEY Security installer products and services.

Schools and colleges have an important role in protecting both staff and pupils that is why it is crucial that the correct security measures are in place. Concerns regarding school security have dramatically increased over the years as education facilities across the nation have become the target of crime and violence - educational establishments are well aware of the duty of care they owe staff and students, but with often limited resources, the need for cost-effective, reliable and flexible security systems is of vital importance.

Our access control equipment is being used extensively in colleges and schools to restrict unauthorised access to areas accommodating valuable equipment such as libraries, IT suites or laboratories, as well as 'secure' areas such as halls of residence, records offices, staff rooms or medical facilities.

Securing over 12,000 worldwide schools, STANLEY understands the security needs of learning institutions and has the expertise in assessing risks and implementing the appropriate solution to help protect your students and staff.
STANLEY Security creates values for your organisation in many ways:

From intrusion detection to IP video analytics, STANLEY’s integrated solutions protect campus facilities to help prevent the distractions and losses that keep students, teachers and administrators from being productive. Comprehensive security management systems and smart card technology track employees, students and visitors as well as limit access to classrooms, dorms and specialised facilities.

Noteworthy security issues at schools and universities around the world sometimes result in new laws and regulations that affect your school. Keeping up with the ever-changing legislation and requirements for schools security is a full-time job in itself. STANLEY Security staff of security experts stays up-to-date on regulatory changes, helping to ensure that our solutions meet the complex compliance requirements of the education market.

In addition to facing traditional security threats of vandalism, theft and violence, campus administrators and security personnel deal with threats that escalate into crisis events. We provide the means to deter and detect criminal activity, respond proactively, and provide investigative tools that enable security personnel to apprehend and prosecute individuals posing a threat to your school.

Our solutions include:

  • Visitor Management
  • Recording
  • Video Solutions
  • Video Analytics
  • Intruder Detection
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Staff Protection
  • Fire Detection and Life Safety
  • Remote Managed Services
  • Lone Worker

STANLEY Security would like to invite you to join them in making schools safer by nominating your school for the 2017 TOGETHER FOR SAFER SCHOOLS Program.

Here’s how it works: Any of the following can nominate their school, head teacher, Head of year, business development manager/director, Director/school governor, Dean, business owner.

Vote for your school. School administrators, teachers, students, parents, and local community members will get the chance to vote for their favourite schools from 3rd January 2017 until 28th April 2017.

Schools with the most votes win. The schools with the most votes in their relevant tier, win the tiers grand prize of up to £10,000* in STANLEY Security installer products and services.

The tier groups are;
Tier 1 Children’s Nursery – Grand prize for goods and services up to a value of £2,500
Tier 2 Less than 300 students – Grand prize for goods and services up to a value of £7,500
Tier 3 More than 301 students – Grand prize for goods and services up to a value of £10,000

As a participant in the 2017 TOGETHER FOR SAFER SCHOOLS program, your school can receive:

A FREE SECURITY SURVEY by a STANLEY trusted security advisor.

A 15% discount* of electronic security, if you implement a STANLEY Security solution by 30th September 2017.

Nominate your school today on our website, full of downloadable promotional material for your school to use to help promote your participation in this program.

Winners will be notified in May 2017.

*Full terms and conditions are on the web site.

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