What is Empiribox?

Many Primary Schools in the UK face difficulties when it comes to practical science. A lack of equipment, subject knowledge and training often leave teachers feeling overwhelmed by the curriculum and the subject can lag.

Empiribox is an innovative service for Primary Schools looking to develop science. It is a whole-school solution, making it easy to bring inspiring, thought-provoking science into classrooms.

Complete for KS1 & KS2, focused specifically on the mastery of science skills and boosting both teachers and pupil’s confidence, subscription includes complete schemes of work, lesson plans, assessment tools, equipment and regular teacher CPD training.

Designed to up-skill and empower teachers, Empiribox has been developed by scientists and implemented by primary school teachers. The comprehensive lesson plans, regularly updated online portal and continuous support, help reduce the time taken and anxiety associated with planning the primary science curriculum.

Teachers can easily deliver thrilling science lessons guaranteed to help children master the science skills required to meet the National Curriculum.

Each term, all year groups study the same topic, featuring hands-on investigations guaranteed to engage pupils regardless of ability. The lessons stretch the gifted and talent pupils, whilst at the same time encouraging children who may find school hard to get stuck in, often reaching the same results as the higher achievers. Differentiation is taken into consideration throughout the SOW, with clear separation between year groups being made ensuring complete coverage of the National Curriculum.

This approach creates a buzz of excitement and mentoring opportunities between pupils in different year groups, as well as promoting collaborative working and best practice amongst teachers.

The benefits of Empiribox spread much further than science with many schools seeing a significant improvement in Literacy and Numeracy after just one year’s subscription. Language skills also improve greatly, but the most significant is children’s confidence and ability to solve problems in a variety of topics using the methods learnt in science.

Empiribox encourages a life-long interest in science and helps children to become independent thinkers.

Schools do not need a science lab to make the most of science. Equipment for each experiment is delivered at the beginning of term and collected at the end, enabling schools to reduce capital expenditure and make best use of limited storage space. Regular training keeps teachers equipped with subject knowledge and instils confidence in delivering engaging lessons that produce outstanding results.

Empiribox makes primary science simple for teachers, fun and stimulating for pupils and affordable for all.

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