A UK Company Protecting Smart Buildings and National Infrastructure Sites

Remsdaq is a leading British manufacturing company that has always looked to ‘push the boundaries of technology’ and the moto has become an integral part of the company’s logo. This may not be surprising for a British company that has been around since 1974, and that has built-up an extensive overseas business partner network and UK installer base within three diverse but connected markets including Integrated Security, Substation Automation and the Fire & Rescue services.

Access Control and Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems

Through its Integrated Security division, the company supplies its Entro access control series and the Sabre Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (PIDS). Ideal product solutions for educational facilities including schools, colleges and universities who want to secure their buildings and protect their occupants and assets.

EntroWatch is the management software at the heart of the Entro series. The software is easy to set-up and features intuitive screen layouts from which to configure, monitor and control up to 800 doors and 250,000 credentials (including cards and key fobs).

EntroWatch is designed to work with EntroStar and EntroNet access door controllers which provide 2-door/4-reader and 8-door/16-reader in/out functionality. They are easy to install and allow fast and cost-effective expansion using ‘plug n play’ modular technologies.

Up to 100 EntroStar and EntroNet access door controllers can be connected on an IP network to provide door management up to 800 doors. The installation can be single site or span multiple buildings across a campus.

EntroPad card readers, desktop readers, management kits and EntroPass secure credentials complete the Entro series. Designed by Remsdaq, the EntroPad has built-in antimicrobial protection making it ideal for public access control spaces and clean environments including hospitals, laboratories and food processing areas where there is a risk of bacterial spread through use of a traditional card reader.

Third party testing to ISO 22196:2011 proves the integral antimicrobial protection on the new EntroPad devices kills up to 99.99% of E. coli and Staphylococcus aureus bacteria over a 24-hour period. This makes the EntroPad range ideal for use in access-controlled areas in schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, laboratories, surgeries, food manufacturing & preparation, and canteen supply companies.

Robin Koffler, sales and marketing director at Remsdaq says: “Without antimicrobial protection, access control devices can become a breeding ground for a wide range of highly infectious bacteria.

“Every card reader, keypad or request to exit button touched by an infected person becomes a virtual petri dish, incubating and potentially distributing bacteria to anybody who comes into physical contact with the device next. The new EntroPad access control devices help to eliminate this issue, reducing sick days caused by bacteria transmission and preserving the integrity of secure environments.”

EntroPad has been designed with many other secure and aesthetic features. The device can be installed as a keypad, card reader and request to exit button (with a hand swipe gesture) and be used with the Remsdaq Entro series of door access controllers or any other access control system from another manufacturer using a Wiegand communications protocol. EntroPad is designed for use with MIFARE cards and the EntroPass high security credential.

From an aesthetics point, the LED colour band and display can be selected to match a corporate or building colour theme. Colour choices include red, blue, green, amber, magenta, cyan, yellow and white.

BACnet Smart Building Energy Savings

Remsdaq’s access controllers can directly integrate into smart building management systems using the BACnet protocol and contribute towards lower energy usage and a more comfortable working and living environment.

BACnet is a building management system protocol used by many building solutions including heating and ventilation. A middleware energy management platform can use the protocol to access information from the connected systems and apply rule-based algorithms to identify sudden changes in energy usage and automatically manage environments to improve productivity and wellness. Access control credentials can be tied to specific room set-ups in terms of lighting and heating to ensure optimum working environments. Rooms and working spaces only need to be powered up and heated when the smart building knows their regular occupants are in the building.

The Entro series integrates with HIKVision CCTV, IEVO Biometric readers and Sabre the perimeter intrusion detection system based on fibre-optic technology from Remsdaq.

HIKVision CCTV Systems

The use of an integrated CCTV system such as HIKVision allows the Entro series to tie back door events to CCTV footage stored on a network NVR or standalone DVR. Once an alarm or door alert is received, the Entro access control management software can be used to view CCTV footage for a specific access point, pre and post alarm event. The Entro series can also integrate with the Milestone and ONVIF modules to provide continuous CCTV streams from within the software platform.

Biometric Fingerprint Readers

The IEVO Ultimate biometric reader integration offers an alternative reader to the EntroPad. The reader is a fingerprint scanner that combines an industry leading multispectral imaging sensor with advanced security features. The IEVO Ultimate reader uses a high-performance multispectral imaging (MSI) sensor that can simultaneously read data from bot the surface and subsurface levels of a fingerprint, even when features are hard to distinguish to due factors including dirt, moisture and skin damage.

The IEVO Ultimate reader uses advanced encryption for data transmission to the Entro door controller and Entro access management software and provides a highly accurate and quality image to perform 1:N matching of up to 50,000 (10,000 as standard) fingerprint templates. The reader itself does not store any user data to for an additional level of protection.

The reader is rated at IP65 making it ideal for external deployment and can operate in harsh weather conditions. Built-in LED and audio indications provide local assistance to the reader user for added convenience.

Sabre Perimeter Intrusion Detection

For some educational facilities, the integration in the Entro software of the Sabre Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (PIDS) can help to improve overall security. Sabre employs a fibre optic cable fixed to perimeter fences and monitors this for attempts to climb or cut the fence by monitoring changes in the fibre optic light pattern. Sabre can also be deployed as a buried cable and underwater mesh intrusion detection system.

Other integrations for the Entro series include fire alarm panels, lift control and visitor management (using BACnet). The system also integrates with Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) packages and includes general auxiliary inputs and output relays.

CPD Seminars

Remsdaq has recently received Certified Professional Development (CPD) status for its latest presentation on Access Controls and Smart Buildings. Other seminars in the series include Understanding Access Card Credentials and Fibre-Optic based Perimeter Intrusion Detection systems. CPD seminars can be booked directly with Remsdaq by visiting the website.

CPNI Approvals

Some of Remsdaq’s systems are also CPNI (Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure) approved by the UK government.

In the UK, Remsdaq operates through a network of certified security installation companies. Each of these companies has personnel who have been trained by Remsdaq to survey, install, project manage and maintain the Remsdaq Entro access control and Sabre PIDS ranges.

Fire & Rescue Services

The Remsdaq mobilising division is responsible for Command and Despatch (CAD) systems including fire service control room software and fire station end equipment, for which Remsdaq provides 24/7 hotline support and response. The Remsdaq Resque 4i is used by several UK fire & rescue services to run what can be life-critical operations.

Electricity Substation Automation and Control

Remsdaq is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of SCADA remote terminal units, used for electricity substation automation and control. SCADA stands for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition and Remsdaq is one of the top two UK suppliers in the UK with its systems highly regarded for their features, resilience and Cybersecurity protection.

The Remsdaq Callisto NX range uses a modular concept and collects power related measurements to report master stations operated by the electricity utilities. It’s the job of the utilities to ‘keep the lights on’ and recover as fast as possible from power outages in order to avoid prevent national emergencies, customer complaints and potentially fines from Ofgem.

The 9th August UK power outage was one of the widespread in recent times and showed how vital electricity availability is to the UK economy. The incident is still under investigation and lessons are being learnt from what was a perfect storm with two major power generators going off-line almost instantaneously leading to a potentially damaging frequency drift that could only be controlled by shedding load.

It’s fair to intimate, with one of the most installed remote terminal units on the UK electricity grid, that Remsdaq played a major role in helping those affected utilities with its devices installed, to react quickly and restore power to their users.

The future looks bright for Remsdaq as the company continuously invests to maintain its competitive edge in design and development which accounts for over 20% of its personnel. Remsdaq engineers cover a range of disciplines and are responsible for client project innovations and research into developing technologies including Cloud-based solutions, smart building integrations, industry 4.0 and Internet of Things connectivity.

The company is a Microsoft Certified Gold partner and manufactures products certified for government use by the CPNI (Centre for the Protection of Critical National Infrastructure). Company management systems are certified to ISO9001/14001/18001 and 27001. Remsdaq has also recently joined the Made in Britain organisation and holds the Cyber Essentials Plus security certification.

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