Thinkers in Education

Current research suggests that 75% of the fastest growing occupations require a skill set best developed through STEM subjects.  However, data from the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) shows a STEM skills deficit around the world.  

Thinkers in Education (TiE) is a specialist provider of STEM workshops for schools and universities throughout the UK. Since inception in 2001 they have focussed on helping teachers deliver the most stimulating learning experiences possible for students in Year 5 - 13. Their aim is to help students develop the vital thinking and communication skills that enable future success in education and beyond.

Their genuinely unique approach has proven to be very successful, with 100% of host schools recommending the workshops since their launch.  As a result the TiE has been named:

‘STEM Workshop Provider of the Year 2019 – UK’

‘Most Stimulating Learning Experience Provider 2019 – UK‘

‘Private Education and Development Awards’ - Corporate Vision Magazine.


Schools can choose from a range of highly focussed, finely honed 1 hour to 5 day workshops to be delivered within the hosting establishment.

Unique Space Exploration, CSI Forensics and Crisis Management themed workshops allow teachers to review highly successful teaching and learning strategies and introduce the latest, genuinely exciting equipment in ways they may not have been able to explore or afford before.

Every workshop has an exciting movie-like scenario and includes game-like challenges to maximise engagement.  All are structured to enrich and extend curriculum content. All develop higher order thinking skills and ensure learning is a result of problem solving.

Lead Presenters (all highly experienced teachers) assess the class performance throughout the workshop in order to adapt the pace, challenge level, content and questioning style.  As a result, Thinkers in Education are one of the few organisations able to offer truly specialised workshops for high ability students together with workshops developing higher order thinking skills for all.   

These learning experiences are driven by high energy positive teaching that celebrates a participant’s achievements throughout – with medals, certificates and team prizes awarded at the end.  TiE can also provide a performance report for each participant at after the workshop and return student evaluations to the school to help the school assess the value of the workshop hosted.

'This is the best external company we have ever used. The level of analysis of pupil performance was second to none.  A thoroughly amazing experience.'

- Kaythryn Key, Gifted & Talented Coordinator, Perins School, Arlesford, Hants


TiE’s specialist workshops are designed to maximise student engagement with STEM subjects and empower participants with the specific skills so highly valued in the workplace.

Students will improve their creative and critical thinking, whilst developing problem solving and communication skills.  They will use new equipment, explore new concepts and learn new techniques that reinforce and extend curriculum content.

Simultaneously, teachers can quickly evaluate the impact of the teaching strategies employed and trial new resources for use in their own lessons.  The style of provision can be adapted and applied to everyday lessons as part of the school development plan.  

TiE workshops motivate students and inspire teachers with learning that is fascinating, challenging and relevant.

'Excellent teachers with astonishing energy levels!  I really cannot think of a single way this programme could be improved – the kids simply loved it.'

- Paul Flynn, Head of Biology, Lymm High School, Cheshire


Carefully adapted versions of the workshops are available for different age ranges and abilities, which enables schools to deliver a fantastic extension and enrichment opportunity for a wide audience of Yr5 to Yr13 students.

Specific versions of workshops lasting two or more hours are available as focus sessions for highly able and/or enthusiastic learners teachers feel will benefit from the additional level of challenge, motivation and opportunity to work in ways impossible in a typical school day.

Schools can host workshops solely for their own pupils or act as a host centres for teams from other local schools.  High schools commonly invite pupils in Year 5 and 6 from local feeder schools to participate in a competition.  These have proven to be a hugely effective way to promote a high school.

'A fantastic experience for all our students, regardless of age or ability.  The event was exceptional.'

- Cara Matthews, Lead Practitioner in Science, The Astley Cooper School, Hemel Hempstead


A highly experienced and motivational STEM teacher leads the workshop with support from their specialist classroom assistant.  Together they manage the class, maximising activity time and student support whilst adapting the workshop to best suit student ability and school timings.

This approach allows class teachers to observe and discuss strategies with the presentation team in order to apply ideas to lessons of their own.  Alternatively, the class teacher can be released to supervise other lessons – effectively saving the cost of a cover teacher for the day.

Every member of the presentation team has an up-to-date enhanced disclosure DBS police background check and the certificate is available to view on the day.


Each workshop is delivered to best fit within the school day.  Single and Double sessions are repeated for a different groups and typically last one and two hours respectively.  Full-day workshops are adapted to the school timings, minimalising disruption to the timetable.

If a school can provide a venue an hour before and after the workshop (a large science lab/classroom or hall) with tables, chairs and screen or white-wall to project on to – Thinkers in Education can set-up and deliver the event.  They bring all audio visual equipment and workshop resources with them.

Risk assessments, suggested room layouts and basic organisational guides are emailed to the contact teacher upon receipt of a completed booking form.

The presentation teams stay in hotels close to host schools the night before a workshop to ensure they arrive on time, ready to set-up and deliver the workshop.

'A great day had by all.  Fast paced and full of learning.  The data collected will be fabulous to share with the SLT and to celebrate students’ achievements.  I was able to relax on what could have been a stressful day.  Very engaging and motivational'

- E Kellet, Deputy in Science, Fullwood Academy, Preston.


  • Provision for between 30 to 180 participants in a day – dependent upon workshop.
  • Fully planned, expertly delivered sessions by at least two full-time presenters.
  • All specialist equipment, risk assessments & organisational guides.
  • Certificates of achievement print file – listing skills developed for each participant.
  • 'Champion' medals for members of the winning teams.
  • Boxes of chocolates for the winning teams.


  • 5x 1-Hour Single Sessions for up to 36 teams of 6 pupils in a day. (from £5 per pupil*)
  • 2x 2-Hour Double Sessions for up to 12 teams of 6 pupils in a day. (from £11 per pupil*)
  • 1 Full-Day Session for up to 6 teams of 6 pupils. (from £20 per pupil*)
  • Consecutive days can be booked at discounted prices - from just £540+VAT /day.                                         
  • Consecutive day bookings can include a mixture of the workshops available, allowing multiple year groups to experience a specialist STEM day with different themes, or extended 2-5 day workshops to maximise skill development for one group of participants)

*Costs per participant are based on the maximum number of participants and exclude VAT which can usually be reclaimed by the school.

'The events were amazing.  I wouldn’t hesitate to use Thinkers in Education again.'

- S Roberts, Head of Science, Thomas’s London Day School, London.


To discuss your requirements and find out how Thinkers in Education can help your school visit our website and use the online form or booking calendar or email us.