Despite phones, tablets and other forms of digital technology becoming more prominent in daily life and education, handwriting remains a crucial skill for primary age children. Getting handwriting right early on benefits a child’s cognitive development, writing confidence and presentation skills. Not to mention, handwriting is on the national curriculum and we at STABILO think that it should take centre stage in primary education.

We are committed to providing children with the tools necessary to develop their fine motor skills and handwriting.  We’re proud of our products, which are ergonomically designed to encourage children to hold their pencils and pens correctly right from the start. They are also age appropriate to fit the hand like a glove (excuse the pun).

Progressing from pencil to pen is an exciting time in a primary school child’s life so we have created the first ever Pen Licence pack. This includes a certificate, a mini cut-out licence with space for a photo, and a money off voucher for mums to purchase their child’s first ever pen! The best thing for teachers is that we will send you a pack of printed Pen Licences for your class completely free - just tell us how many you would like, or you can download them online if you’d prefer.

To order your pack of Pen Licences head to the Pen Licence blog page. You will also find all sorts of useful tips, resources and exercises on how to help children develop their handwriting and progress from pencil to pen.

See you there!