SIP Phone Services - 8 Things You Need to Know.

With ISDN lines being expensive to rent, Savvy Schools are making the move to SIP phone services. Is your school ready to make the move?

1). Traditional ISDN phone lines are being phased out. The good news is that they are being re-placed with modern-telephony and broadband technologies which can save thousands of pounds a year to free up Schools’ budgets for other things.

2). BT has announced they will no longer provide ISDN lines after 2020. Although a way off, cost savings can be made imminently by moving to this new technology.

3). SIP or Session Initiation Protocol Channels behave as normal phone lines, but in fact run over existing broadband lines. You make and receive calls in exactly the same way as ordinary phone systems.

4). Savvy School Business Managers and Heads have already made the switchover to SIP and benefit from savings on ISDN line rentals, reduced call costs and a choice of fixed cost call bundles.

5). It’s easy to switch to SIP. If your PBX phone system is SIP compatible, your service provider will configure SIP phone services remotely. If not, a small VoIP gateway box will be sent to you by your service provider to plug in, so the system can be configured remotely.

6). In the past VoIP phone services have received some bad press in respect of call quality. However, today’s high-quality audio and increased bandwidth capabilities means providers offering VoIP/SIP services, now guarantee the quality of all calls.

7). SIP phone services also enable free site-to-site calls, so if you’re a Multi Academy Trust, all phone calls between sites won’t cost you a penny. And if you’re looking to streamline, SIP Trunks also allow you to centralise your receptionist’s role from one location.

8). Dedicated segments of broadband are protected for both voice and data, which prevents competition for bandwidth.

Does your school use SIP Phone Services or are you thinking of making the switch over? Schools Broadband can help. Find out more, call or email us.

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