SeekTeachers is the market leading teacher recruitment consultancy for international schools. Consulting for over 60 countries around the world covering both the private and the public education sector.

SeekTeachers was set up by educators that have experience of the international education sector to help bridge the gap for global school operators to get the very best teaching talent from around the world. Our success has grown due to word of mouth and reputation for providing highly qualified and experienced educators.

SeekTeachers is based on London with an experienced team of consultants that are not only experts in education but also have the cultural awareness to validate and support our candidates when they are applying to make the big move. Candidates are vetting and provided cultural training to ensure they are able to “fit” into the teaching culture of the country.

The largest growth of international teaching jobs remains in the Middle East and Asia with countries like the United Arab Emirates and China thriving to offer fantastic salary packages with benefits. We support government entities in their hiring process by providing a quantity of quality, vetted candidates and support them through the entire process. As the number of opportunities each year is on the increase, teachers are leaving their home countries including UK, USA, Canada, Ireland, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand to find better pastures abroad.

Gone are the days where working overseas was an extravagant move. Year upon year, a greater number of teachers contact SeekTeachers to explore opportunities abroad that will further enhance their career both professionally and personally. Teachers have the opportunity to learn about new pedagogy as well as cultures. They have the scope to progress upwards or sideward. With high taxes and gloomy weather, many teachers want better pastures overseas yet are not aware of how to apply, what’s involved, the do’s and don’ts of the process. As a specialist in international education consultancy SeekTeachers is at the cutting edge of services to provide complete support from start to finish for candidates that are seeking the right opportunity for them. We also host our own Open Career Days which gives candidates that scope to register, ask questions and submit their application to potential clients. Our support gives our candidates the edge in ensuring they are prepared not only for the interview but also for the big move.

The number of international schools I rapidly growing and is forecasted to be more than double by 2027. All schools require the very best teachers to deliver the highest calibre education to its students. As the world is becoming a smaller place, a greater number of dual curriculum schools are opening and therefore looking for teachers that are not only hard-working and knowledgeable but also those that are able to offer more than one curriculum and ideally more than one language.

SeekTeachers has been able to assist hundred of clients look for the candidates that meet the criteria suitable for them. Our bespoke service allows us to meet the needs of the individual school and for those that have a larger volume of recruitment we provide a custom Recruitment Fair service to ensure we can provide a quantity of quality candidates. We find this to be the best approach to avoid a “cattle market” and “haggling” approach.

SeekTeachers has unique cutting edge, digital recruitment platform that enables schools to brand on the website and allow for unlimited branded advertising, review candidate profiles and get an increase application flow from candidates worldwide. Our filtration system allows us to closely match candidates that meet the criteria thus allowing us to save time and money for our clients. Candidates are fully vetted and prepped about the move to ensure they is a seamless transition to their new work location.

To provide further value to our clients and to gain a better understanding of the market, SeekTeachers is now expanding to launch an office in the United Arab Emirates.

With the United Arab Emirates being a key location for international school operators and education professionals, SeekTeachers aims to increase the flow of quality education in the UAE and GCC region. Recruiting for the UAE public school system we want to provide the very best candidates and service to a thriving education reform taking place.

In addition to our recruitment services, SeekTeachers is now expanding to provide the following services to our clients:

  • Executive Search
  • Professional Training
  • School Improvement Services
  • EdTech products to the market

By providing such a full service to our clients, it will allow for a higher quality of education to be provided thus allowing our clients to raise their reputation, so we can all work towards “educating the world”.

For more information about SeekTeachers you can visit our website or call us .

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