The number of schools offering transportation and therefore children riding school buses rises constantly, making school busing one of the most important services in the business both in terms of the costs related as well as of quality.

 As the busing service availability and its volumes increase, so do the issues of safety and security of students during the ride. As any important business operation, transportation also needs a tool to plan, manage, measure and improve it.

Although student transportation posed a serious issue that needed addressing, this had not happened until now with the advent of a single tool to make life easier for all those involved, be they the drivers and attendants, transportation and security officers, school managers, bursars and ultimately, the parents.

What are the specific needs of each party?

Drivers and attendants need to have an up-to-date itinerary, with any late amendments marked. They also need to be able to communicate instantly with parents when needed in order to obtain the current state of ridership, keep or check notes related to the route e.g. list of trusted persons who are eligible of receiving the young passenger when homebound. The availability of an interactive map is also of great help.

Transportation officers need to have a tool to plan their operations. They need full control of weekly schedules per student, multiple addresses to instantly switch between, manage daily changes, create destinations or new bus stops in 5 seconds and monitor the proper execution of the whole work. They also need the tool to control all related resources and if possible shorten every route in time and distance by optimizing their solution using advanced algorithms. Fleet management functionalities like real time positioning, overspeeding alerts, and any kind of logs are also available.

Parents would love to have a timely notification for their bus arrival, not sent to their e-mail but better on their mobile phone for the best use of it. They also want to know when their offspring is due to get off the bus while they're still at office. Maybe some of them would dream of making changes to the weekly transportation schedule, easily through their loved mobile at any time of the day for any date!

As far as business people are concerned, their expectations of the transportation service are very simple: to lower its costs while providing better service!

For the coming academic year a new company is helping schools to manage their Transportation Operations. SchoolBusNotes offers all the above tools and services, and many more.

Once a school opens its own account in the cloud-installed platform, and feeds it with its own data, it can get straight to work. The platform is flexible in adapting to any modus operandi the school or the transportation contractor follows. It can be parameterized to follow any school policy related to transportation. So ultimately in SchoolBusNotes a school will find a tool perfectly suitable for its own needs and requirements. Additionally, the use of a tablet on the bus and mobile phone applications for the Parents/ Guardians enables all people interested to obtain, exchange and also handle properly all related information in real time. All in maximum data security environment and procedures.

Parents install an app on their mobiles in order to receive free personalized notifications about bus approaching to their bus stop as well as about the on/off boarding of the children when they are not present. They may also at any time By using the "Where is?" function check the status of their student regarding the transportation and also monitor the bus location. If school policy permits, the schoolbusnotes platform has the in-built controls that can allow parents to enter temporary changes to the daily transportation plan. They can enter a cancelation for the coming or any future ride, submit a change of route for a different destination, or request an extra pickup. Yet the most important feature of this product is the accurate notifications that parents receive and make long waiting times for the parents at the bus stop a thing of the past or prevent long idle time at the bus stop thus minimizing the total itinerary time.

Despite the numerous functionalities that the platform offers and the many different profiles of people who interact with, it is more than easier to be installed. Basically all is needed is an internet connection and tablets for the school. An installation of an application for the Parents/ Guardians if they want to receive free notifications and have the advantage of its functionality . If they don't want this, they just receive sms. This setting of the solution results to neither need for investments nor long term commitments since the platform is offered at a Software As A Service scheme bearing no support or new version costs.

A list of functionalities for each group of interest

Parents / Guardians

  • Get information on the changes of their standard transportation plan
  • Can make arrangements/changes to their student's standard transportation plan (if allowed) : cancel a ride, change pick-up / drop-off bus stop for a specific day
  • Receive notification on bus arrival 
  • Receive notification on student's boarding / alighting when they are not present
  • Receive notifications on delays
  • View bus position on mobile phone's map.


  • Get information on the changes of their standard transportation plan
  • Can make changes to their standard transportation plan (if allowed)

Drivers / attendants

  • Have available real time boarding list of the route including all arrangements/changes
  • Track each student boarding and alighting from bus
  • See map of the itinerary including all bus stop information
  • Send messages to multiple receivers on any eventuality
  • Enter changes during the route
  • Check "trusted persons" for delivering a young passenger
  • Check daily safety inspection checklist.

Transportation officers / contractors

  • Use the Route Planning Optimization creating substantial cost cutting
  • Prepare and manage weekly plan for each student
  • Easily handle all kind of arrangements/changes in the plan
  • Monitor each vehicle while on duty
  • Get notifications on overspeeding
  • View real time list of passengers on board, alighted/to be picked-up, canceled/ changed
  • Communicate with massive messages to Parents
  • Get reports of any kind and data drilling on any event of the far past (including place, time, student, route, vehicle, driver, attendant etc)
  • Have a tool for Quality Control,  Benchmarking and Improvement processes
  • Parametrise the SBN Service according to School policies

School Administration

  • Proof of commitment to Safety and Security
  • Transport logs and Reporting resolves any dispute with users
  • New communication channel to Parents
  • No  installation needed, pay as you go.
  • Significant cost saving enabler through route optimization in distance, service time, human resources and quality.