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Trips to Go Ape are a great opportunity to encourage teamwork, leadership and self-confidence all outside of the classroom. With 5 different activities to choose from, there’s plenty of variety when it comes to forest fun. Whether you’re planning a reward day with your students or want to tie it in with something educational, there’s lots to learn in the canopy. The fun’s not just for the children either, because all required supervisors get to fly in the trees for free!

Tree Top Adventure - £25 per schoolchild

Your students will spend up to 3 hours in the trees, tackling wobbly obstacles, zip wires and Tarzan Swings, all up to 40 feet off the ground. The Go Ape Tree Top Adventure is ideal for high school students and beyond. Your group will be trained on the self-belay safety system before ascending the trees to put your self-responsibility and risk assessment into practice. From thereon out you’ll be in control of your own safety lines, which all adds to the thrill and pride of completing the challenge. Available at 32 UK locations. Suitable for ages 10+.
Self-confidence _______________
Risk assessment _________
Problem solving _______

Tree Top Junior - £12 per schoolchild

Your pupils will enjoy an hour of exploring the tree tops on their very own adventure course. Experience wobbly crossings, high rope obstacles and an epic zip wire. Unlike the classic adventure, the course is designed especially for younger children, meaning the obstacles will be more age appropriate and the safety equipment will be attached by an instructor and remain attached throughout the duration of the adventure. Available at 20 UK locations. Suitable for ages 4+.
Self-confidence ____________
Independence ________
Problem-solving _____

Forest Segway Experience - £28 per schoolchild

Fancy something different and ground-based? Go Ape has another way to explore the hidden trails of the forest. Book your class onto a Forest Segway Experience to study the self-balancing technologies and explore the road less traveled. If your students have the need for speed and a good sense of balance, then this is the forest adventure for them. Available at 11 UK locations. Suitable for ages 12+.
Fun ___________________
Self-confidence _______________
Risk assessment _________

Nets Kingdom - £12 per schoolchild

The perfect solution to a school reward day in the outskirts of London. Nets Kingdom is an expansive network of tree top trampolines, giant ball nets, walkways and slides, all up to 30 feet high up in the tree tops. Available at Black Park Country Park, Slough. Suitable for ages 5+.
Fun _________________
Independence __________

Personal Development Games – from £12 per schoolchild

Prepare your students for the wider world, whether they’re stepping into Higher Education or a career of their choice. There are up to 20 group tasks to complete, all designed to teach a different lesson, including communication, teamwork, and problem-solving. Available at 10 locations UK wide. Read below for more information. Available at 10 UK locations. Suitable for ages 8+.
Teamwork ______________
Problem-solving ____________

Free learning resources to download

If teaching soft-skills isn’t the goal for your school trip, there are a range of free learning resources available on the Go Ape website. With the help of practicing teachers, Go Ape have created a suite of KS1 - KS4 resources in the following subjects:
English ___________
Science _________
Mathematics _______
Geography _____
PSHE ___

Get out of the classroom and into the forest

Stepping out of education and into the wider world may seem like a distant and daunting concept to your pupils, but it doesn’t have to be. By introducing them to these skills in a fun and interactive way, you can make sure they’re equipped for their future in the best possible way.

To find out what activities you can add to your next Go Ape school trip, visit our website or call to speak to one of our Educational Visits Coordinators.

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