Rocksteady Music School empowers children with more than just musical skills


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EVERY PARENT TODAY will be able to recall their own music lessons at school. Invariably, these memories will either be coloured by the dull experience of having had reams of dry theory drummed into them, or else the sense that they were irrelevant to all but those with access to, and an aptitude for such traditional instruments as violin, clarinet and cello.

Rocksteady music school is set upon leading a revolution in the way that music is being both taught and also enjoyed in primary schools, and with a focus on making it fun, relevant and accessible to all children at these key formative years. As it is now generally acknowledged as fact that the learning of music can have clear, tangible and positive benefits on a child’s overall academic achievement and self-confidence, Rocksteady’s ground-breaking and award-winning inter-schools programme could not be more timely or important.

Founded in 2007, Rocksteady’s highly-trained team of musicians are currently tutoring 10,000 children between the ages of four and 11 and at more than 350 primary schools right across the south of England and Midlands. The essence of the Rocksteady experience is that children are introduced to the joy of making music, or to begin with even just being able to unleash a gleeful noise, from within the more contemporary and vibrant set-up of a rock or pop band. Not only does this bring music to vivid life for them, but it also encourages such crucial additional learnings as team-work, resilience and communication.

The start of the process is when a Rocksteady team is invited into a school to run a free music assembly and workshop which is inclusive to every pupil. In these lively, fast-paced and inspirational sessions, children are brought together into bands and shown just how much can be accomplished in a half-hour.

Afterwards, parents can sign up their children to ongoing, affordable and weekly Rocksteady-led music lessons and which take place within school time. Through the course of these, children choose their preferred instrument, select between them a band name, and progress through Rocksteady’s enjoyment-based coaching and rehearsal sessions to making their own music. Ultimately, they then get to perform this to their teachers, fellow pupils and parents at a special end-of-term concert.

Rocksteady provides all of the instruments that are used - and including Fender electric guitars, Yamaha drum-kits and keyboards, and Spider vocal microphones - and also produces for the children high-quality videos of their rehearsals and crowning performance.

Overall, the Rocksteady programme has demonstrable and wide-ranging benefits. Participating schools have their offering enhanced and in way that improves pupils’ academic and social skills. Parents can witness the satisfaction, confidence and sense of accomplishment their child derives from learning new skills. Most importantly, for the children it is an opportunity to work, learn, have fun and create together and in a way that is as cool as it is boundless.

Book your school A Free Rocksteady live rock and pop music assembly!

Schools can book a free 30 minute live music assembly where children experience an inspiring musical performance, learn about rock and pop instruments and the important components of a band, like timing and beat (instruments provided).

The assembly covers key stages 1 and 2 and can be delivered to mixed year groups from Year R through to Year 6 or to the whole school.

Availability is based on dates that Rocksteady are in your area and assemblies are on a first come first served basis.

Rocksteady offer weekly band lessons, at no cost to schools and the free music assembly is offered without any commitment or comment and have great reviews:

“The Rocksteady day in our school was a wow. I had several parents say to me how inspired their children were.” - Monica Paines, Head Teacher, Long Ditton Infant School, Surrey

“Year 6 loved their session, everyone was engaged. They loved his song choices and didn’t find it too easy or tricky, well pitched.” Julie Sharp - Boxgrove Primary School

“Parents (and staff) were impressed with what they heard and saw and it is clear that all children have progressed throughout the sessions both in confidence and musical ability.”- Dianne Carbon, Head Teacher St John Fisher School

"My son loves his drum lessons. I was absolutely impressed at his concert performance today. He is usually a shy child but exuded confidence this afternoon! He has watched the video I took of his performance several times and can't wait for his next set of lessons!” - Ro Proud Parent

Book your free assembly by simply emailing your name, school name and postcode.