Pretorian Technologies launches another iPad innovation for disabled users.

Pretorian Technologies

Pretorian Technologies is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of Assistive Technologies and has led the field in iPad innovations for the disabled since the very beginning of tablet computing.

Building on this success, the company has now launched iClick- a product to allow disabled users to control mains powered appliances directly from an iPad screen. This gives teachers, OT’s and SENCo’s the means to develop unique learning opportunities including concepts such as cause and effect, turn-taking and co-operation.

Simply download the free-of-charge app from the App Store and plug one or two mains appliances into iClick. The app displays one or two large, colourful buttons to allow the user to control the appliance simply by touching the iPad screen.

Because the iPad communicates wirelessly with iClick, the user is completely protected from mains voltages, since there is no contact between the iPad and iClick, simplifying risk analysis in the classroom.

A typical classroom inclusion exercise might include a food mixer in a domestic science class. The disabled child may be unable to place the ingredients into a mixing bowl and mix them together, but with the aid of iClick they can mix them up from an iPad screen simply by touching the on-screen button.

For less cognitively able children, a lamp or fan can be plugged into iClick so that they can begin to appreciate cause and effect as the lamp lights up their faces or blows their hair when the iPad screen is touched.

For younger years, a similar product- iControl- is available to control battery powered appliances such as toys.

Because the buttons on the iPad screen can easily be replaced with photos (either from a bank of images or taken with the built-in camera) it is easy for the teacher to change the appearance of the app to make it clear to the users what will happen when the buttons are touched.

iClick and iControl may also be used as aids to daily living, allowing disabled users to turn on lamps in their room, turn on the TV or radio and even boil the kettle!

iClick and iControl are just two of Pretorian Technologies’ huge range of assistive technologies- most of which are designed primarily for use in schools. Our range covers everything from trackballs and joysticks, though communicators, switches and products for tablet computing. More information can be obtained from our website.

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