NEC Display Solutions for Education

Engaging, interacting and achieving with social and eco values

Today, with digital media surrounding us every minute of the day, schools and universities must mirror this trend and make teaching and learning both digital and collaborative. In turn, this will lead to better learning results, the ultimate objective!

In the last few decades NEC has helped to steer the growth of technology in the education environment with display solutions that bring visual accuracy, interactivity, engagement and enviable performance to the curriculum, backed by a service and support network to trust and ecological standards. Uniquely, NEC has a portfolio of Display Solutions that cater for the entire school site or college campus, meaning educational institutions can select the best technology for their needs with a single point of service and warranty.

Large format visualisation

In assembly halls and lecture theatres, the focus for display technology lies with the screen size and ensuring perfect readability even at a distance. Adding software such as DisplayNote and MultiPresenter brings interactivity to even the largest screen with the convenience of remote control.

With a wide choice from NEC’s world leading large format displays and installation projector ranges choosing the right solution for the auditorium is simple, with differing performance levels depending upon size of room and brightness, installation limitations, required connectivity and future flexibility.

New Solid State Light sources are driving demand for laser projection. According to Futuresource, by 2020, 74% of all >5,000 ANSI lumens installation projectors will be laser light source based. The case behind this is compelling – laser offers reliability, consistent brightness, long life and minimal maintenance adding up to an undeniably low Total Cost of Ownership. What’s more, once it’s installed, you don’t even need to think about it for another 20,000 hours of operation, an appealing proposition for the resource stretch education sector. At the same time NEC innovations such as stacking, edge-blending and slot-in options secure your investment even further.

Interactive classroom

The global economy is changing, governments and organisations must stake a claim to the future by investing in education. Schools must educate students for today’s 24/7 information-based society and the expectations that it brings. Technology will play a growing part in the process with distribution to mobile becoming increasingly common and a growing adoption of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), collaboration, 3D and interactive solutions all streamlining the information exchange process.

Group working in the classroom encourages student participation and engagement in the learning process, whilst enhancing enjoyment and achievement. With display solutions such as multi-pen interactive whiteboards, collaboration solutions, 3D projection and interactive touch, NEC delivers the latest innovations for success with the flexibility to enhance rather than replace existing infrastructure. Through NEC’s established partnership with DisplayNote, a software provider specialising in collaboration, students are encouraged to connect, present, share and collaborate using their own devices. All visual devices including the projector, the touch screen and tablet devices are connected thus turning classrooms into future learning spaces.

Digital signage

As a supplier of best in class signage solutions to airports, stations, shopping malls and corporates, NEC has a versatile range of solutions to distribute information and promotional content around a school or campus. Welcoming visitors, assisting with wayfinding and promoting clubs; digital signage helps to improve student outreach and demonstrate your forward thinking commitment to technology. With network connectivity or slot-in options, NEC’s large format displays, installation projectors and video wall solutions offer a wide range of choices for playback scheduling whilst NaViSet Administrator 2.0 allows the Network Administrator to monitor each connected display remotely.

NEC is committed to supporting teaching staff and students with the tools to enrich the learning environment and tap into the changing way that younger generations interact with content and learn. Contact NEC Display Solutions to discuss your needs.

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