Managing Risk and opportunity in Multi academy Trusts

By Howard Dellar, Head of Education and Charity Law at Lee Bolton Monier-Williams
The opportunity is here with the new 'mixed economy' of maintained and academy schools to see much greater and faster progress in school improvement. For us as lawyers, that means going many extra miles to engage with the relationships involved in creating and running MATs and individual academies. It means helping schools, Local Authorities, Dioceses and others build the right structures of organisation and accountability so that the delivery of education is secure and effective.
Over 600 Academies have come into being through the legal services and professional advice of Lee Bolton Monier-Williams (LBMW). Because we have been deeply involved in schools and education for 160 years in Westminster, we continually benefit from our very close connections into the policy-making networks. In fact, we have advised those writing legislation on most key areas of education law over many decades. The point of it all is to ensure that our practice of law undergirds the delivery of the highest quality education for the children in England and Wales.
In this issue of 'Education Business' we advertise our key seminar to take place in February (6th – Westminster; 7th – Liverpool) where the chief executives and directors of MATs, Dioceses, and Boards of Finance present their real-life solutions. Experts from LBMW set out the ways in which every MAT and Member may be assured their organisation is able to be effective and efficient, by supporting the design of purposeful systems with intelligence in delivery and strength in compliance.
Because we are also charity specialists, we can bring together the regulatory requirements of company and charity law. LBMW maintain a policy and research function such that we constantly deliver information to our wide base of clients and educational professionals about the key issues both as they are going through development and after legislation is passed. Our online service of informational digest, policy review, and legislative news is free for all users until April 2018, and available on our website.