Lighting That Makes The Grade


The right lighting is extremely important in a school or educational building and architectural lighting specialist Concord has the technical expertise and product range to suit a variety of applications. For example, Concord has recently supplied a first-class lighting scheme for the refurbishment of Northampton High School. Concord Glace LED has been installed in the main hall area of the school building to create an attractive environment for students, parents and guests and the Kometa 600 luminaires have been used to provide glare-controlled illumination in the classrooms.

Northampton High School is an independent school located in the heart of the city and educates girls from pre-preparatory age through to the sixth form. The day-only school is a part of the Girls Day School Trust, the UK’s leading network of independent girls’ schools and driving force behind the design and implementation of this project. The new lighting scheme was part of refurbishment work at the school which aimed to modernise facilities, improve energy efficiency and upgrade illumination of classrooms and the main hall.

The Concord products were installed by, S.A. Davies & Sons, the lighting installation specialist, who was tasked with upgrading the main hall to provide an attractive, inviting space which would illuminate the building for students, parents and visitors.

“The lighting demands for the main hall and classrooms are very different in terms of light output requirement and fixture design – Concord was able to supply fittings that could satisfy criteria for both,” comments Tim Davies, Consultant at S.A. Davies & Sons. “For example, Glace from Concord is ideal for the main hall as it generates a pleasant level of ambient light and the Kometa 600 is perfectly suited for classrooms as it is able to effectively light the student work spaces.

“We are really pleased with our new upgraded lighting scheme,” comments Anne Morris, Director of Finance and Operations at Northampton High School. “We wanted to provide the classrooms with a sustainable and energy efficient lighting choice to help improve students’ learning and save on maintenance – an important benefit for any organisation such as ours.”

Due to services located above the ceiling, Concord Glace luminaires were surface mounted in the main hall. The luminaires produce over 1200 lumens and a bright 3000k colour and complement the available natural light. The range benefits from cutting-edge LED technology and is equipped with twist-and-lock fixing mechanism making it easy-to-install. Utilising low power super-efficient LED, Glace provides perfect homogenous light distribution and offers 50,000 hours life at 70% of the luminaires original output, making it an ideal choice for maintenance-free operation.

The Concord Kometa 600 luminaires are installed in the classrooms to deliver optimum visual conditions for the students whilst ensuring light falls exactly where it is needed on all surfaces. The luminaire consumes only 40Watts and yet is high performing with a long life. Combining ambient T5 and TC-TL downlight technologies in one, the Kometa 600 can be fixed within a 600 x 600 ceiling tile suitable for 15mm and 24mm exposed T grid systems. The luminaire offers ultimate flexibility with independent switching and dimming options ideal for a classroom.


In addition to the luminaires used in Northampton School . Concord has recently launched the Unity II - A versatile modular LED linear suspended system, Unity II is designed for creating innovative lighting runs and spatial frameworks in open teaching areas, corridors, circulation spaces, receptions, libraries and lecture theatres. With its clean lines and design-focused aesthetics, the system is unmistakably Concord.

The Unity II system can be suspended in a variety of configurations, to create varied direct / indirect lighting in triangular, square, rectangular and long-length formations. Available in 1.2m and 2.4m lengths, Unity II is available in white as standard with silver finishes available as options. Horizontal and vertical couplers are also available to manipulate Unity II into precise configurations, perfect for applications where space is limited.

The new mid-power LED technology housed within Unity II, has allowed for an incredibly compact form factor which is also ultra-efficient (3,422lm, 36W at 95lm/W for a 1.2m module). The reduction in dimensions (just 138 x 56mm) compared to traditional lamp sources, such as T5, is very noticeable, creating a feeling of more space within the lit areas. Light output is a 70/30 split – with 70% of the light direct and 30% indirect, Unity II ensures the right balance of illumination in any environment.

Depending on end-user requirements, micro-prismatic (direct / indirect) of Unity are available with DALI, 3hour emergency or EMPRO, alongside 4000K colour temperatures and 3000K as an option. With an impressive life of 50,000 hours, Unity II provides a maintenance-free operating life to help reduce overheads.

PIR integral sensor modules are available for Unity II, enhancing energy-saving methods such as presence / absence detection and completing the system which provides energy efficient and at the same time comfortable and discrete lighting within education environments.

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