Kingspan Industrial Insulation Ltd

The energy performance of building services can have a significant impact on the running costs and carbon footprint of school buildings. Kingspan Industrial Insulation offer several premium performance pipe and ductwork insulation solutions which can optimise system efficiency, improve classroom air quality and reduce overheating.

These include:

Pipe Insulation

Kingspan Kooltherm Pipe Insulation is available in a range of thicknesses to suit different performance specifications and is offered with either an aluminium foil or matte black facing.

The product is certified to the demanding Eurofins Indoor Air Comfort Gold standard. This recognises it as having best-in-class low emissions of harmful Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) – one of the most common forms of indoor air pollution. Use of low emitting products is highlighted as best practice within Building Bulletin 101: Guidelines on ventilation, thermal comfort, and indoor air quality in schools.

The BRE Green Guide A+ rated product also holds BDA Agrement® certification along with a national LABC Warranty and LABC Registered Detail and is available as a free BIM object from

To achieve optimal energy efficiency, Kingspan Kooltherm Insulated Pipe Support Inserts can also be supplied. Thermal analysis  has shown that these insulated supports can limit heat loss by up to 4x more than rubber lined pipe clips and 10x more than hardwood pipe support inserts. Both Kingspan Kooltherm Pipe Insulation and Kooltherm Insulated Pipe Support Inserts are CE Marked in accordance with BS EN 14314.

Recent research from leading M&E Consultants — AECOM — has suggested that an Energy Technology List specification of Kooltherm Pipe Insulation with Kooltherm Insulated Pipe Supports can help to achieve a 32% reduction in overheating hours greater than 28°C when compared with a mineral fibre pipe insulation specified to BS 5422: 2009 with rubber bracket pipe support inserts.

Kingspan Kooltherm Pipe Insulation also has excellent fire and smoke performance characteristics with a European Reaction to Fire performance of BL,s1,d0 and is FM Approved per Approval Standard Class 4924. Kingspan Kooltherm FireSleeves are available for use on steel and copper pipe service penetrations through timber frame and block walls. The FireSleeves expand when exposed to high temperatures, acting as a 2-hour fire stop to BS EN 1366.

With Kingspan Industrial Insulation’s free Pipeline Technical Advisory Service, which can be contacted on 0808 168 7363, clear advice and guidance can be accessed at every stage in a project.

Pre-insulated Duct Insulation

Traditional ductwork installations require a two-phase operation whereby heavy galvanised sheet metal ductwork is first installed and then separately lagged with insulation.  This process is both time and labour intensive and means significant working space is required to allow installers to properly insulate the system.

The Kingspan KoolDuct System resolves these issues. It comprises fibre-free phenolic insulation faced with aluminium foil. This pre-insulated, modular design allows the system to be installed in a single-fix — greatly reducing project timescales and complexity.

The rectangular ductwork can be fabricated in sections up to 2.95 m long — at least twice the length of traditional sheet metal ductwork — cutting down the overall number of duct sections required. It is also far lighter than traditional alternatives. This means that multiple KoolDuct System sections can be joined at floor level then lifted and installed in a single operation.

Once installed, The Kingspan KoolDuct System helps to minimise energy usage. Research has shown that air leakage from ductwork fabricated from The Kingspan KoolDuct System can be reduced to a fraction of those typical of rectangular sheet metal ductwork.

It is also the only premium performance pre–insulated ductwork in the world to be UL Listed as a Class 1 Air Duct, to Standard for Safety UL 181 (Underwriters Laboratories: Factory Made Air Ducts & Air Connectors), when fabricated to a specification clearly defined by UL.

Ductwork Insulation

Kingspan Industrial Insulation also offers Kingspan Kooltherm Duct Insulation and Therma Duct Insulation which can be fitted around steel ductwork and associated products, in both indoor and outdoor applications, with an operating temperature range of –20°C to 80°C.

They can deliver thermal conductivities as low as 0.022 W/m.K, providing a slim insulation solution and allowing more installation space.

Kingspan Kooltherm Duct Insulation is certified by FM Approvals to Factory Mutual Research Approval Standard – Pipe Insulation Class Number 4924 when manufactured and installed in accordance with the conditions defined by the approval.

The three Kingspan ductwork solutions are also available as freely downloadable BIM objects from