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Education technology has developed tremendously over the last 10 years, with the classroom environment now becoming a fully digital workspace for both teachers and students. The main focal point of the classroom remains with the teachers making their lesson plan and activities fully visible to the class via a front and central display. The ability to interact with this content is key and even more important is to have interactive displays that represent annotations, notes, activities and ideas flawlessly and reliably.

iiyama’s professional high-end panels deliver supreme, rich colour clarity and are made for demanding educational environment’s offering simple annotation tools and user friendly inputs. Delivering a complete range of 42” to 86” Touch Screens created for the presentation and education markets! Any product developed by iiyama has to meet our standards of performance and reliability.  Any user of iiyama products will testify to the quality, clarity, brightness and depth of colour on our displays. The fact that iiyama touch capable products are the quickest, most responsive and accurate on the market ensures that users are happy with their investment.  

Exclusive to any education customer, iiyama offer a full five year onsite de/re-install warranty, as well as telephone support and access to the UK account managers who are always happy to answer questions. All iiyama support teams are based in the UK which means iiyama offer a comprehensive and fast response to any technical support issue. However, iiyama only use commercial standard components designed to withstand the most demanding use to ensure maximum user satisfaction and minimum down time.

The new ProLite TH6567MIS-B1AG is a 65” Touch Screen with integrated Android Software and EasiNote annotation meaning you can draw directly onto the screen with no need for a connected PC device. This touch screen offers fast and accurate drawing and speakers loud enough to fill a large class room, supported with a high quality anti-glare glass that ensures an audience can still see presentations from anywhere in the room, and that reflections are kept to a minimum. iiyama will also launch a 86“ 4K Infrared touch screen, ProLite TH8667MIS-B1AG, of course with the same philosophy of simplicity, quality and user friendly solution.

The Right Success Academy Trust has been pro-actively deploying iiyama interactive touchscreens across its academies for over two years now and will continue to do so. The Trust believes that iiyama displays offer unrivalled quality vs cost, fantastic after sales support and, in real terms, reduces overheads in regards to IT. 

A teacher testified: “I use an iiyama touchscreen daily and it’s a pure joy; HD, super responsive and never has to be calibrated.  It’s like having a 70inch tablet in your teaching toolbox and makes interactive lessons a breeze. Most importantly, the children understand and interact with my iiyama and that is what I call engagement.” 

iiyama does not sell any software, but the large format touchscreens work perfectly, even with the most commonly used classroom software like Smart, Gynzy, Easiteach and Open-Sankore.  This is actually a benefit to the educational sector. Many teachers feed back to iiyama on the fear or learning new packages for presentations, which they have not used in the Teacher Training courses. With this in mind, iiyama take the stance of teaching people to use the free interactive and presentation tools within the Microsoft Office environment, which are easy to use, expand beyond the class room environment into the workplace and are free.

To simplify things even further, iiyama advise that if you are nervous about starting out with an interactive presentation, then just use PowerPoint, using the built in annotation feature which is accessible during the Slideshow itself. Furthermore, the Microsoft packages are more likely than any educational presentation package to be used by students when they enter the world of work, therefore iiyama highlight here the importance of transferable vocational skills that are important in the work place. Lastly, not being tied down to one software package enables teachers to flexibly use a host of online resources to deliver engaging and enriching multimedia lessons to their class. Lewis Clifford of iiyama also argues “Many educational institutions don’t realize what they have under their nose, more often than not we come across schools investing heavily in software, which offers very similar functionality to what has been supplied within the Microsoft Office environment for over a decade. The great thing is, most schools already have it”.
In conclusion, iiyama’s role in the educational interactive market is a simple one. Using its specialist experience and knowledge of manufacturing displays, iiyama focus on delivering exceptional quality interactive touch screens, with a buying power and production efficiency that ensures a reassuring price. iiyama simplify the often over complex and over sold software packages, by breaking down the demands of the teaching environment into a simple focus on using existing packages to their fullest. Backed up with care and service, and a growing list of happy and successful educational users.

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