i2o Ltd

i2o Ltd – formerly known as inside2outside, has been at the forefront of school shelter solutions since 1991. Working mainly with tensile membrane, the company has always prioritised researching innovative solutions to problems and made them accessible to the education market.

Their canopies use the latest tensile membrane technology to be flexible, bespoke and un-cumbersome, at the same time as being exceptionally durable, long-lasting, yet easy to maintain.

The wide range of styles and colours make them incredibly attractive to the education market, particularly schools that work with younger children, due to the vibrancy and imaginative designs. All i2o Ltd canopies block 100% of harmful UV rays, and most have an advanced guttering system which makes them perfect for both sun and rain.

i2o Ltd strongly believes in a good relationship between the company and the customer, and therefore trains their staff with great customer service in mind, as well as a strong knowledge on the products. You can always guarantee an easy and fun process right from the first enquiry, up to installation and aftercare. In terms of the order process, i2o Ltd make it as simple and enjoyable as possible. Their sales team offer free site visits in order to talk through canopy options and quotes directly.

i2o Ltd’s extensive research has led to several different canopy styles, each one with unique properties appropriate to the education market. Their best-seller – the famous Qube™ canopy – is a robust, highly customizable design which provides a high level of protection perfect for playgrounds. The roof comes in 3 different styles – peak, domed and apex, ensuring you can match your existing roofline. This, along with the wide range of colours and its modular, scalable design system means it can be completely bespoke to the school’s requirements.

The colourful Kwikshade canopies have a particularly interesting and unique design which makes them a great talking point – and children love using them to play under. This canopy also makes a striking addition to businesses, attractions, offices, and restaurants.

Tensile Covered Walkways are another brilliant i2o Ltd invention – a simple solution which provides cover between buildings in schools, or up to entranceways. These come in 2 designs – the Barrel Arch which can be used to connect 2 buildings or the Monopitch which runs alongside the building and is better suited to older premises with high windows.

Their canopies are available with a range of optional extras to make sure they deliver solutions to your needs. As well as all the standard features, each of their canopies can also be installed with Leg Pads – squishy barriers to protect children and animals from the metal legs. These are particularly handy in schools with younger children. They also add yet another element of colour – as they come in blue, yellow, orange and more.

For establishments looking to utilise their canopy as a storage space overnight, there is also the optional extra of roller shutters or blinds which roll down to create a secure room which is perfect for storing toys, equipment and other playground objects. This is perfect for a canopy doubling up as an outdoor classroom or extension.

Speaking of outdoor classrooms, i2o Ltd have developed the perfect solution for creating a room which – as their original branding implies – really is ‘inside’ and ‘outside’ in one. Simply adding UPVC glazed sides to the structure gives you a barrier against the elements whilst letting in a much larger amount of light than a normal room. This is the best, most practical solution to create a room which has the protection of being inside while giving the feel of being outside – giving pupils the chance to learn in different, interesting surroundings.

i2o Ltd understand the school day, and therefore endeavour to make the installation process as quick, mess-free and least disruptive as possible. The average installation time is just 2 days for the majority of canopies, meaning minimal upheaval to the routine.

i2o Ltd’s research also led them into developing Solar solutions, creating their partner brand FlexiSolar - specialising in Solar Car Ports which are perfect for car parks in schools, universities, supermarkets and offices, doubling up as a protective car cover and a hub for generating solar energy. Excess power can also be fed into the National Grid, which can be a great way to earn some extra money. The panels are specifically designed to generate maximum power even in our grey, unpredictable climate. Each solar carport project is customized to a client’s needs, creating the most functional and cost-effective solar solution available. The car ports can also come fitted with EV Charging Points – proving we really are at the forefront of solar technology.