How VELUX® are transforming learning with light

Daylight and ventilation are key components of optimal learning spaces. The influential Clever Classrooms study (2015) found that they account for the same variation in primary school children’s learning rates as the teachers themselves.

VELUX Company Ltd is known worldwide for creating positive spaces with its roof windows – supplying natural light and fresh air to improve and regulate the indoor climate. Its VELUX Modular Skylights range applies this at scale – providing innovative, modular and sustainable solutions for roof lighting in schools, hospitals and commercial buildings.

Developed in collaboration with renowned architects Foster + Partners, VELUX Modular Skylights feature a minimalist design with super-slim profiles. This is accentuated by the electrically operated opening and closing ventilation mechanism being fully concealed. The overall effect is one of ultra slim sightlines when viewed from both the inside and outside of the building, with the visual effect being one that maximises the glazing area whilst minimising the visual frame profile.

VELUX Modular Skylights are unique in being completely prefabricated offsite, which makes for a much quicker, easier and safer installation on site – one that can be up to three times faster than a traditional installation. The modules simply click into place and can be fitted together in minutes, minimising time spent on the roof and ensuring a watertight seal is achieved exceptionally quickly, so rain won’t hold up the installation. This is vital for educational builds, where time and budget constraints can put strain on schedulers and builders alike.

The modules can be fitted together in multiple ways, and there are eight different sizes too, so they are the perfect fit for a huge range of spaces, including narrow corridors, wide atriums, internal gathering spaces and more.

We know that budget constraints don’t end once a school is erected, either, and that is why it is important to choose skylights that are energy-efficient. Our skylights not only maximise daylight and fresh air, they perform brilliantly, boasting an energy efficiency rating that exceeds current standards.

Schools need to inspire learning with their look and feel, but they also need to stand the test of time. VELUX Modular Skylights are exceptionally durable and are guaranteed for 10 years, while boasting a lifespan of 30+ years. Whatever the education build project, you can find the ideal daylight and ventilation solution with premium VELUX quality as standard.

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