Healthy Nibbles: Promoting a culture of nutritional health and wellbeing within education

Healthy Nibbles is the UK’s award-winning healthy snack service, delivered through vending, snack boxes, wholesale and unmanned retail.  Passionate about transforming food purchase and consumption decisions, contributing to optimal health and wellbeing; the need for nutritional health and wellbeing has never been more essential.

“46% increase in childhood obesity by the time children leave primary school.” – BBC

More than 90 per cent of children consume more than the recommended amounts of solid fats and added sugars, resulting in one in five children being overweight or obese when they start primary school, rising to one in three when they start secondary school. By 2020 it’s estimated half of all children will be overweight or obese. According to the BBC, there has been a 46 per cent increase in childhood obesity by the time children leave primary school.

Healthy vending is on the rise and bridging the gap between healthy buildings and wellness programs. In addition to challenging traditional vending ideas, this trend is a catalyst for a larger discussion around pupil nutritional well-being. Healthy vending machines help eliminate micro food deserts and enable access to healthier foods in places where food choices are especially limited. Given that they take up a small amount of space, the machines are an easy and convenient solution to accommodating food allergies and food preferences by providing a range of speciality products. The versatility of vending machines also allows them to be placed just about anywhere.

Educational wellbeing
Our mission is to transform nutrition across schools and universities in the UK thereby creating a healthier, happier and more positive environment.  Children represent an important group for nutrition educators, since the transition into adulthood brings increased independence and decision making, which can affect diet and health related behaviours. Promoting nutritional health among children is so important; we know that 90 per cent of parents worry about the lack of nutrition in schools. Healthier choices are at the heart of what we do and given the choice 79 per cent of children would choose a healthy snack if the option was there. With obesity, anxiety, stress and chronic diseases at an all time high, now is the time to get involved.

Healthy vending
Healthy Nibbles delivers an award-winning healthy snack vending service; the only one of its kind within the UK. Hand picked to promote physical and emotional wellbeing for your students Healthy Nibbles have curated a range of over 350 healthy snacks and drinks, providing functional foods that support student health and wellbeing. Our products are sourced from artisan suppliers throughout the UK and we have brought together the finest, great tasting, natural products to offer an unprecedented range of healthy snacks.

Compliant across Department of Education, Department of Health and the International WELL Building Institute, our product range is free from artificial colours, preservatives, sweeteners, palm oil, flavourings, hydrogenated fats, non-sustainable and genetically modified ingredients. Consideration is also given to social and environmental impact, sustainability, packaging materials, portion size, provenance and price point.

Industry Leading Technology
Adopting the most innovative technologies, Healthy Nibbles vending machines are 100 per cent cashless making it easier and safer for students to use. Students can search the product range by dietary requirement and also access full nutritional and allergen information prior to making a purchase. The machines are the first within the UK to offer full accessibility for wheelchair users, with raised delivery bin, optimum eye level and easy to reach payment system.

Curating snack selections for schools
At Healthy Nibbles, we understand that vending may not be the only option that suits your school and students. Working with both facility and catering teams, Healthy Nibbles curate snack solutions for tuck shops, canteens, boarding houses and student travel. Taking into consideration allergies, age and budget, we guarantee a solution that your school will be proud of.

Client Testimonials
Healthy Nibbles works with clients including market leading retailers, mobile phone providers, commercial & residential property companies, investment banks and utility companies. We are proud to supply nutritious snack options to thousands of students and front line workers throughout the country. Outside of the corporate world, Healthy Nibbles are available in schools, hospitals, and railway stations across the UK.

Healthy Nibbles’ customers are the who’s who of socially responsible organisations in the UK who understand that supporting the health, wellbeing and happiness of their students is not just the right thing to do but also essential to building the leaders of tomorrow.

“I have not found any self service facilities at the University, which come anywhere near the nutritional quality or variety of your offer.” University of Edinburgh

“We chose Healthy Nibbles because they supply tasty and healthy snacks to our students. We are often promoting health and wellbeing with our students along with having an onsite gym so it works well together”. IQ Student Living

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