Gate Safety Importance for Schools

IQ Gates

Gate safety is incredibly important for school buildings as it ensures the safety of pupils, teachers and visitors. All automated entrance gates installed by IQ Gates will have a level of basic safety elements to ensure that they follow the latest safety legislations. However, further safety equipment can be integrated into any automated design as required by the client.

IQ Gates are the UK’s leaders in automated gate design, engineering and installation. A number of services are on offer to ensure that existing automated gates continue to work correctly and safely throughout their lifetime as well as one off repairs and safety health checks. IQ Gates can advise and design bespoke and secure entrances for both residential and commercial properties, with the best design and installation available. We are proud to be affiliated with many gate safety advocates including Gate Safe, to ensure our gate installations are legal, safe and well-engineered.

Photocell sensors, light curtains and safety edges are all basic safety elements that should be integrated into gate designs to ensure their safety. Photocell sensors detects obstacles in the way of a closing gate and will immediately return to its open position if the infrared beam is interrupted. Automatic gate control panels and motors can be integrated into any gate design to detect the exact position of the automated gate at any time. If resistance is caused by an obstruction, the gate will automatically stop and move in the opposite direction and stop until a start command is given via the access controls.

Light curtains act similarly to photocell sensors but they create a full and invisible barrier over the gate opening to detect obstacles at any height of the gate opening. Safety edges can be integrated into any bespoke gate designs to stop gates from closing when the edges are touched. This ensures that fingers or any other body part does not get crushed at any height of the gate. For further safety, perfect for darker days or evenings, automatic lights can be integrated into automated gates to light up the gate opening. This is ideal for schools in the winter when the days are shorter and are darker much earlier as you are able to see all obstacles in the way of the gates or car, lighting spaces your headlights may not reach.

There are a wide range of automated gate design options available to suit all project requirements. Metal framed timber, aluminium, timber and steel gates can be designed as a swing, sliding or ¾ split gate depending on the project and area. A popular material choice for schools is steel as it is ideal for providing high security whilst still offering a sense of space and vision through the gates to the building. Metal framed timber gates are also a good choice as they are very versatile in design, due to the wide range of timber colours and finishes available. The combination of these materials allow optimum privacy and maximum strength from the steel, ensuring the gate is completely secure at all times. All gate types from IQ Gates can be combined with a matching pedestrian gate, making them ideal for school entrances.

There are a number of things to consider when deciding on the perfect automated gate for your project. The gate type chosen will depend on the condition of the ground as well as if there are any building regulations for the area the gate will be placed. Swing gates are usually the more popular choice for schools however, track sliding and cantilevered sliding gates are also available. If it is a sliding gate you are after you will need to consider which style will best suit the conditions of the ground as a track sliding gate will need a smooth surface.

IQ Gates can offer a wide range of access and gate controls to integrate into the gate design including audio and video intercom access panels and non-wired gsm phone entry. These access and gate controls are suited for all automated gate types, buildings and building designs. Non-wired gsm phone entry is ideal for buildings where extensive electrical wiring is not possible. Audio and video intercom access panels are ideal for being able to see who the visitors are before entering the building.

IQ Gates have the largest gate showroom in the Herts/Bucks area and are based in Amersham, Buckinghamshire. Contact IQ Gates for any enquiries or to make an appointment to visit the showroom for inspiration and advice.